Financial markets


Issuers of securities are legally obliged to publish insider information without delay. This is information about circumstances that are sufficiently concrete and not publicly known and are likely to significantly influence the market price of a security. Typically, the disclosure obligation extends to significant developments or business transactions as well as restructuring and company takeovers.

URGENTpublish makes it easy for you to meet your ad hoc news obligations

An issuer of securities must disclose the information as soon as possible. This time limit is maintained by publishing the information without undue delay. The disclosure obligation is intended to prevent current information from being reserved for insiders. This prevents insiders from exploiting special knowledge to their own advantage. It also ensures that capital market participants have all the information they need to accurately price financial instruments. Ad hoc publicity thus complements the ban on insider trading: while the ban punishes trading in insider knowledge, the obligation to provide ad hoc publicity is intended to prevent insider knowledge from arising in the first place. With URGENTpublish, companies with the obligation to publish ad hoc news can very quickly and easily comply with their requirements and reach their target groups with the relevant information promptly.