Fast moving consumer goods

Product recalls

Recalls are active measures taken by companies (manufacturers and dealers) to prevent personal injury or damage to property caused by defective products or services. The legal basis for recalls in Germany is regulated by the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). In addition, the European Union has issued regulations which the Federal Republic of Germany must comply with. Quickly send information to affected target groups

Reason and implementation

Products are usually recalled if, in the manufacturer's opinion, there is a significantly increased risk that the consumer/user or objects in his environment could be damaged due to defects or malfunctions of the product beyond an acceptable level. The comparison of expected recall costs with possible claims for damages is also included in the risk assessment. Some companies are more likely to pay damages than to suffer irreparable damage to their image in Germany, Europe or worldwide. Traceability in production is an important requirement in order to be able to isolate faulty components. For this purpose, the documentation within the manufacturing process at the manufacturer's as well as the marking of even simple components with a date code or batch numbering was expanded. Especially in the case of consumer goods and non-technical consumer goods, it is generally no longer possible to trace where a product was sold after it has been sold by the trade. To recall defective or unsafe products, advertising campaigns in mass media (especially in daily newspapers) are common. In most cases the exchange is offered in the trade, sometimes also the (partially free) sending in of the defective commodity. Publications in the media usually reach less than 20% of the affected customers. Some Internet portals also publish product recalls. Automobile manufacturers are legally obliged to involve the Federal Motor Transport Authority. URGENTpublish reaches all your target groups in the relevant channels and informs them promptly about the respective recall campaign.